May 3, 2011

A Very Belated Easter Day Water Marble

Yes, Easter was a week ago and for those of you who follow us on FB would've gotten a sneak preview of the water marbling design I did for Easter Day. So sorry for the delay in updates as work has been pretty hectic as well as the personal life.

For this Easter Day water marble, I used the pastels from China Glaze's Up & Away Collection (Spring 2010).
Colours used:Yellow - Lemon Fizz
Light Green - Re-Freshmint (somehow this colour ended up light blue on the marble); and
Lavender - Light As Air

I decided on the zigzag pattern to best decipher the designs commonly used on an easter egg. 
 Picture taken from
And the end result was this... 
So happened I had an egg cup holder (from a Malay wedding I previously attended) and used it as prop. Hehehe... 

Now my partner in crime would never approve of these few pics but I'm sure the readers won't mind hor? 
Here are the individual designs of the marbling on the nails. Please excuse the dry cuticles and some messy spots. I finished the marble at 2am and I was in dire need of sleep.
Left Hand
Right Hand
As you can see the right hand was super messy cos I was already too tired to do a proper cleanup... I also had some problem with bubbles this time around. Til next time. Cheers.

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