Mar 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Themed Nails - Going Green

We Malaysians are blessed with abundant holidays compared to other countries and yet it doesn't seem to be enough for us. During recent years, we have seen a huge increase in promoting holidays celebrated around the globe (especially if it's fashioned around booze).

Tomorrow marks yet another well-known and celebrated day in Ireland. St. Patrick's Day people!!! Yeap. It's that time of the year to don the colour green, the leprechaun hat and shamrocks!

Nail-ChitChat has our own way of celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year and we have come up with two (actually three but the 3rd one is more of a second attempt) different ways we'll be wearing our nails to celebrate this festival (who doesn't like an excuse to drink?). Plus green looks oh so lovely againt a pint o lager.

Ok. Enough chatter.

Going Green (Attempt 1)
This was actually my very first attempt at drag marbling but at that time I didn't have a theme in mind and whilst browsing through my albums sorting them into posts, I thought this would go very well since I did it in different shades of green.
This green was from my very first haul which also marks my first China Glaze Polish. Re-freshmint from China Glaze's Up & Away Collection. A pale mint green with a cream finish.
I did the dragging with some nailart strippers (as shown) which I bought from the local night market. Selling at RM10 for 3 bottles I believe but they dry out pretty fast. I'm not sure if these are still usable or not. Will need to check on it.
This picture was before topcoat. You can see bald spots where I dragged the polish. I also got this like super topcoat in my first haul which claimed to be super fast drying and from the reviews of other nail bloggers it seems to work as promised.
Introducing Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat and Seche Restore. Apologise for the blurry photo. I was so excited to get my very first nail polish haul in brands of polish that I have not heard of ever in Malaysia. Basically Seche Restore is a thinning liquid in case the top coat gets dry as they claim no other brands are suited to thin the topcoat if the consistency gets too thick. Being kiasu & kiasi I didn't dare test that out as I only have that one bottle of Seche Vite top coat. But both these items were patented so it should not be pulling my leg right?
The topcoat description at the back of the box.
And.... walla... as promised... No more drag marks has been reduced to a bare minimum. Very happy that this top coat delivered.

I wasn't very happy with the outcome of this and since I already got the gist of the technique I decided to redo it (I'm fussy that way).

Going Green (Attempt 2)
I used the same base colour and the dark green nailart stripper but replaced the light green with a gold this time and I was much happier with this colour combination.

Apologise for the lousy photo quality as they were all taken with phone camera. Owner of Nail-ChitChat is working to improve on this.

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