Mar 9, 2011

Behind the Scenes (Epic Fail) & Love, Love Me Do

Playing catch up once again. I do apologise for the delay in posts. I did have a short hiatus between CNY and my current mani.

These few manis were actually done before CNY so my nails were a tad longer then. I'd like to share some experiments I do when marbling and why sometimes it doesn't always work out (hence the reason why most shops refuse to do em).
A question I get ever so often is if my nails where of my own so here's a shot of my nails (before the CNY chop) au naturel... 

I wanted to try marbling with claire's mood polish as some nail bloggers did a really awesome job at it and I figured I wanted to recreate the same look. The colour of choice I used was claire's bored/excited. A pink with a hint of orange.

Now I find claire's polish a bit hard to work with as they're really streaky and they need at least 3 coats to even out the colour. I initially thought my nail painting skills were bust until I checked out the reviews at other nail blogs and found that even the most seasoned of them had trouble with the formula.
See what I meant by it being streaky? This was two coats and you can just barely see the two tone on the ring finger and thumb.
This picture is the closest I could take of the actual colour and the cool & warm tones were showing up very clearly. Excuse my messy nails... It was a work in progress after all... 
Test marbling on thumb. The patterned turned out just right and the black didn't bleed too much into the pink. But everything went downhill from there... (Yes, that was a scotch tape around my finger to minimise the cleanup).
I have no idea why... but the rest of the marbling didn't go as smoothly as the first... the black bled too much into the pink and it defeated the purpose of having a marble as you can't see the different tone so I did try to salvage it...
But I think I'm too much of a perfectionist that I just couldn't make myself wear this so I promptly removed it and filed this polish combination for water marbling an epic fail... =.=

I still wanted to use this colour so I decided to just do some stamping.
I call this Love, Love Me Do... Something with a Valentine's touch to it although V-day was eons away when I did this.
This picture shows the mood effect. I noticed it's more obvious when I'm in an aircond room. Apologise for the tip wear as I only decided to take a picture of this manicure wayyyy later. 

More nail post coming up soon... Stay tuned. 

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